FFL Requirements

If you have an interest in firearms and would like to take it to the next level, then you might be thinking about getting your FFL or federal firearms license.  If you are interested in class 3 weapons, then you need to consider obtaining your federal firearms license.  The ffl requirements are not difficult if you have lived a pretty clean life and stayed out of trouble.  There is some paperwork, a nominal fee, and background checks.

Fulfilling the ffl requirements allows you to operate as a gun dealer and / or manufacturer to earn money.  There are several different types of federal firearms licenses.  You can find a list of the different types with definitions on our Types of Federal Licenses Post.


First, you will need to meet several minimum requirements according to the BATFE.

  1. You must be at least 21 years old at the time you apply for the license.
  2. You can’t have violated any federal firearms laws or regulations (this includes hunting related infractions)
  3. You can’t have been found guilty of a crime or are a fugitive from justice
  4. You can’t be a user or past user of controlled substances or a psychological patient.
  5. If you were in the armed forces, you must have had an honorable discharge.
  6. You must be a legal United States citizen.
  7. You must not owe any child support or alimony that is not up to date.
  8. You must be truthful and not have willfully withheld any information on the application or during the interview.
  9. You must have a place of business.


Second, you will need to get your paperwork ready.  You will need the form 7 from the BATFE and the fingerprint cards that go along with it.  To get the form, you can call 703-455-7801 and request the entire packet.  You can also get the forms from the BATFE website Form 07 and the certificate of compliance are available online and can be downloaded at the BATFE website here.


Third, you will need to fulfill all of the ffl requirements by completing all of the questions, getting your fingerprints taken and attaching a picture to the application.  The fingerprints will need to be completed by your local LEO unless you form a trust.  For more information on forming a trust, visit our NFA Trust Page.

When you have completed all of the paperwork, you need to mail it to the BATFE.  Make sure to include your fee, 2 pictures and 2 fingerprint cards in the packet.

You can not take the packet to the local BATFE office, but need to mail it to:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
PO Box 409567
Atlanta, Georgia 30384-9567 USA

The BATFE has sixty days to confirm or deny your FFL application depending on if you meet the federal firearms license requirements or not.

**Be prepared for an onsite interview with someone from the BATFE during the application process as this is a ffl requirement.