Hk MP5 SD in .22 LR

We just recently got our hands on the new Umarex / HK MP5 SD in the .22 long rifle.  From what we have been told, this is a great little training rifle that can help you without breaking the bank in the ammo department.  Using the cheaper 22, you can run through training drills, and practice sessions knowing that you can scoot and shoot as much as you need to.

We haven’t had a chance to test this weapon out yet, but the videos will be coming soon.

The version that we were able to pick up is the SD for sound damper or something unpronouncable in German that is similar.  What you see is actually a “compensator” over a full length barrel.  You will notice in the second picture that the compensator can be unscrewed to view the full length barrel.  This is how this firearm is legal to sell without the tax stamp and paperwork associated with a SBR and silencer.

The compensator will not do much to lessen the noise, but it gives the weapon an accurate feel and weight if you are looking for a training gun.  It also adds a great look that is sure to turn heads at the range.

Now, we still have some work in store for this gun to get it into top operating shape and look for pictures and updates in the future.

For now, we plan on adding a custom barrel with porting and a silencer to replace the compensator.  We have been assured that with this setup, the rifle will be as quiet as a pellet gun.  It will take a while to have the suppressor machined to our specs and the associated paperwork filled out, but we will post some shooting videos soon.

We are also looking into adding a holographic or red dot site to round it off.  We have already ordered the top rail and are in the process of determining which site to go with.  If you guys have any suggestions, we would love to hear ’em.

Enjoy the pics.

HK MP5 SD  HK MP5  HK Barrel  Heckler and KochH & K Mp5 SD






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