Automatic Weapons Permit

I have had a couple of people contact me at class 3 weapons license looking for an “automatic weapons permit” and the answers can sometimes be confusing.  I have tried to explain to people that there is no such thing as an automatic weapons permit, just a tax stamp that you need to buy before purchasing the firearm.  That being said, it isn’t that easy.  We at class 3 weapons license have tried to put together a short list of the items that you will need to handle in order to complete the sale.

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  1. The very first step you need to complete is getting the local LEO to sign off on a form 4.  Most LEO’s will know what this is immediately and you can usually gauge whether or not they will give you an automatic weapons permit.  It seems that smaller, rural sheriffs are more inclined to sign off than big city cops, but you can try multiple locations if needed.  You can get around this step by creating a NFA trust as seen here.
  2. Make sure your record is clean.  If you are a convicted felon, owe child support or have any kind of firearm violations, you will not receive an automatic weapons permit.  Don’t even think about trying to fudge on this one, and don’t try to get someone else to purchase the tax stamp for you as this will mean jail time for both of ya.
  3. Be prepared to have the local LEO perform a background check on anyone applying.  This can range from mild to extremely stringent.  Today, most LEO’s don’t want to put a stamp of approval on someone that may cause problems down the road.  Make sure you are open and honest with any investigations.
  4. Get your money together, because you are going to need it.  With the NFA act, you can not purchase new automatic weapons and this severely limits the supply of them.  You will probably need 5000 dollars to purchase a bottom of the line automatic weapon and the cost can go dramatically higher.  You will also need to spend 200 dollars on your tax stamp.
  5. Find a class 3 weapons dealer that will sell you what you want and complete the purchase.  You will need the specifics from the weapon to fill in the forms.  After gathering all the information, complete the form 4 and submit it to the BATFE along with 2 fingerprint cards and pictures.  The BATF will let you know when your automatic weapons permit has been accepted or denied and then you can complete the purchase with your class iii dealer.

As a reminder, you need to educate yourself on the laws regarding your automatic weapons permit.  For example, who can shoot it, crossing state lines, selling, lending or willing your firearm.  These are all things you need to research before beginning the process and obtaining your automatic weapons permit.

Automatic weapons can be great fun and bring your shooting to a whole new level, but obtaining one of these is not for the faint of heart.  You will need a clean record, a lot of money and some help with all the paperwork.  Instead of an automatic weapons permit, you may have better luck with a federal firearms license or class iii weapons license.

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